Prayer Blanket

The purpose of this ministry is to provide a source of comfort to any child or adult struggling with emotional or physical issues. The blankets are handcrafted and the recipient prayed for by the blanket creator. Anyone who requests a blanket receives one, parishioner or not. The blanket is blessed and is a gift from San Antonio Catholic Church. The hope is to “wrap up” those in need of our prayers, solace, and love with an actual physical presence.

Blanket Basics 

The finished blanket is approximately 36” x 36” square……. give or take. Personal creativity is encouraged. The blanket can be knitted, crocheted, quilted. Shawls would also be welcomed. Once the blanket is finished, each is folded and tied with a satin ribbon (which the ministry provides). Or you may use a ribbon of your choice. Behind the ribbon is placed an envelope that includes a letter from the ministry and a small prayer book with simple uplifting prayers for times of struggle or suffering. If so desired, you can place a note such as “created for you by………… the first name only” in the pocket. If you are not able to attend a Prayer Blanket Meeting but would like to participate with your time, talent, and prayer………….you may contact
the Church Office at (941) 624-3799.