The Columbiettes are an international organization of Catholic women presently established in the United States and Canada. This organization was founded on March 2, 1939, by Margaret Mary J. Mangan, who later became the first Supreme President.

The Columbiettes were established to be a unified body of Catholic Women who work side-by-side with the Knights of Columbus. We dedicate ourselves to do God’s Work on earth, promoting Unity, Christ’s Love for each of us, and Zeal to serve God through Faith, Hope and Charity.  

The Columbiettes are a growing and vibrant service organization of Catholic Women who are willing to make a difference in today’s society.  We boldly choose to take a strong stand on issues that are devastating to human life. Abortion, Substance Abuse, Pornography, Euthanasia and Child Abuse.

Whether you are hungry for spiritual growth, friendship, renewal or involvement, you will find it with us.