Emmaus Men

The Emmaus Experience was developed at St. Louis Parish in Miami, Florida in the late 1970s, initially, as a retreat for women. The results of those weekends were so powerful that the pastor organized a team of ten men to develop a similar retreat for the men of the parish in the early 1980s.

  1. The Emmaus Experience is a parish-based retreat led by lay parishioners for the men and women of the parish-based on the scripture reading taken from the 24th chapter of Luke's gospel. The two disciples in that reading, in the depths of despair, had a life-transforming encounter with Jesus on their journey to Emmaus. Their despair was turned into joy as they recognized Him and their lives forever changed.

Similarly, the thousands of men and women who have attended Emmaus retreats acknowledge the same experience after their encounters with Jesus on their personal journey to Emmaus. The retreatants gather to be ministered to by other men and women of the parish and through the experience, encounter Jesus in a new and more profound way which enhances their continued journey of personal and spiritual growth.

From St. Louis parish the retreat spread to other parishes throughout the United States and even to China.  In 2004, the Emmaus Experience was brought to San Antonio Parish.  Currently, both the men and women of San Antonio conduct one retreat per year, usually in the spring.

The Men’s Emmaus meet at 7 pm in the Ministry Building on the first Wednesday of each month.


Men’s contacts are Chris Wagner 941-625-9028    and Andy Moran 941-766-1668