New Roof












Repairs being done to the church's roof 

After years of having leakage and water damage at both the church and ministry buildings, we now see an end to the situation.

   Recently, the diocese sent a representative to examine our situation.   It was determined that both buildings were to have their roofs replaced.  

   There were three options for us.  We could replace the roof with a tile roof which we now have, a metal roof that looks like tile but substantially more expensive, or a regular metal roof seen on many buildings today.  We tentatively have selected the metal roof option feeling that it is the best option because of cost and longevity.  

   Your financial committee met Saturday, July 17, and agreed that this is the best option.  

   Crowther Roofing has given us an estimate of $647,000 for completing this project on both buildings.  This includes new gutters and valleys.  This is substantially less than what we anticipated when we began investigating this project.  

   The diocese has indicated that they will provide a mortgage for the needed amount.  

   As Father Leo indicated at Mass last weekend, he is personally going to donate one percent of the cost to the church, or $6,500, to help defray the cost of the mortgage.  Certainly, your generosity would also be appreciated. 

   We'll be informing you on how you can assist your parish with financial assistance.  Watch your Bulletin and Parish Website for more information as plans on this project develop.